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Why Are You A Musician? - 2016


Most students who go to college to major in music do so because they want to continue to play an instrument or sing in a band or chorus.  The performance is usually what made them decide to pursue music as a career. They practice, take lessons with the best available teachers through their college years and if they complete the school's requirements, are granted a degree.  The majority of music school graduates seek a job in a school system with the goal of instilling their students with the love of music which they have developed.  


Teaching should be sharing ones own love for the art of music with others. Two very diffent scenerios are happening with increasing frequency.  The first is teachers stop performing and only teach.  The second is they keep performing, but spend little time on their teaching duties.  The end result is that both the teachers and their students are short-changed.  How could a truly dedicated musician stop playing or singing and only "teach" music? How could a truly dedicated teacher do the very minimum in their teaching profession in order to devote most of their effort to performing outside of their school?  


Having the energy to play and teach at high levels is something that SHOULD be a requirment for graduation from music schools.  Being too tired to play in a community band or sing in a community chorus is an all too common excuse.  When twenty or thirty somethings use the too busy or too exhausted excuse to stop playing one cannot wonder why these prime of life people elected music as a profession.  Also those who do not have the time to work after school hours with students seeking help, make me cringe at the reasons these people would take a job teaching music.


Fortunatly there are many great music educators who dedicate their lives to teaching music, who also keep honing their performance skills.  Ask yourself, "why am I a musician?"  Can you look in the mirror and feel good, or must you avert your eyes and make a lame excuse.



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