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Smell The Roses - 2015

     Wow, are people busy today!  My daughter and her husband just got back from 3 weeks in Europe with 135 students on an American Music Abroad tour of Western Europe, and immediately my son-in-law left for an NJMENC trip to RI.  They are going to the DCI's in Allentown and then to SC for his family reunion.  My daughter is flying back from SC to help conduct the South Jersey Area Wind Ensemble's concert and will land in Philadelphia at 1 PM, drive to the evening concert in Brigantine, NJ only hours later. My wife and I know their schedule well, because we live really close and watch their 3 dogs and house while they are away.  My other daughter and my son-in-law are just back from a baseball tournament for my oldest grandson in Myrtle Beach, SC which was an 11 hour drive.  When they returned they had another baseball tournament for my youngest grandson, this one only an hour's drive away.  My Facebook friends are all traveling and posting pictures from all over the world, or distant places in the US.  Busy, busy, busy!


     They are typical of an increasingly common generation that "doesn't let any grass grow under their feet."  This isn't necessarily bad, but it makes me really appreciate my garden more.  My wife and I are traveling to our backyard almost daily and having a great time.  The weather is warm, but not hot, so far.  We read a bit and swim, then end up in the hot tub.  I must say it is not too stressful an existence, especially when I read about the world's turmoil lately.  


     I write this blog because I want to remind everyone to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of daily life to "smell the roses."  Listen to some of the world's greatest music, be it classical, romantic, impressionistic or a few tunes from the "Great American Songbook" sung by Frank or Barbara."  Check out the "local" scenery and sip a cold one with a friend.  Eat an ice cream cone and actually taste the flavor and don't worry if it drips on your shirt.  See a live concert and take a neighbor or friend you haven't spent time with lately as your guest........choose a concert where you arn't screaming and can listen to the music and savor the sound.  Remember that music lasts a lifetime and since my readers are mostly playing musicians, stay active in community bands.   Go to a musical play at a local theater.  Take your wife, husband or significant other to a nice restaurant and keep the iPhone safely tucked away for the entire meal so you can talk to each other (it's becoming a lost art).  Have a great August.  Oh, and buy a new one of my transcriptions for your band!

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