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The "Little Voice in Your Head!" - 2016

     Think of any subject and you will hear a little voice in your head talking to you about that very subject.  It is amazing because it will talk in the language(s) you speak.


Try this experiment:  

1.  Think about a favorite song.  Does the "little voice" sing the melody on "la" and if you have learned the words do you "think" them also?

2.  Try to clear your mind of every you still hear your "little voice" saying words?

3.  Have your "little voice" tell you to relax your muscles starting with your little toes and slowly relaxing every muscle all the way up to your neck, cheeks and forehead.  Can you feel the responce of your body to the "words you hear inside your head?"

4.  Think of something visually beautiful, like a sunset or the Grand Canyon and let your "little voice" describe it in detail.


     We have almost total control over our "little voice" and it helps us determine what we are going to do (or not do).  If we set goals and put them into motion by having "our little voice" talk through the steps needed to accomplish those goals, we become more proactive.  Thinking of an idea is only the first step in accomplishing anything.  Lao Tzu, a Chinese philosopher said, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."  Taking the time to listen to that "little voice in your head" is the START of doing everything you do.  Every invention, song, building, computer or project started with someone's "little voice" creating the idea.  The real test is to make those ideas become a reality.  This takes dedication and often teamwork to produce an end product.


     Are you making your "little voice" work to its fullest potential?  Do you give it encouragement?  Do you tell it to be creative and give it good food and plenty of rest to nourish its physical and mental well being?  Are you thinking of ways to make your contribution to this world a meaningful one?


     Practice making the "Little Voice in Your Head" work for you and be someone who gets things accomplished.


(Also have that little voice tell you to buy one of my arrangements for your band!)



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